Volunteering at Baby Sarah’s Home
Baby Sarah’s Home wouldn’t be able to function without volunteers. Volunteers are important because they share their unique knowledge with the staff and bring about new ideas. Baby Sarah’s home is always on the lookout for people who can help them take care of the children. Anyone can do something useful, whether you are a teacher, social worker, nurse, student, therapist, or any other profession – as long as you are willing to improve the children’s conditions.Baby Sarah’s Home has around 25 paid staff members. Besides that, volunteers from all over the world are working at Baby Sarah’s Home. As a volunteer you will learn to work in a different society, to make decisions in critical situations and develop your knowledge.You can choose your own project, depending on your background and area of interest. Examples of projects are: introducing diapers, implementing wheelchairs, education about healthy food or teaching the children spoken English. Working periods are flexible, ranging from 1 week to 6 months or even longer.Baby Sarah’s Home matches supply and demand in either direction, whether short term or long term, as a single assignment or as a combination of travel and work, facilitating placement, guidance, logistics and accommodation. For more information look <<here>>.

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