Establishing a just society and enabling the underprivileged people to gain power and have choices to lead a holistic and qualitative life – with control and access over reproductive resources.

  • To elevate the weaker section of the society such as Mentally Challenged, Physically Challenged, Orphan and poor children and youth as well.
  • To provide basic amenities such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health care etc. to the weaker section of the society.
  • To provide educational opportunity to orphan children.
  • To create an environment through which children will be equipped as a self sustainable contributing individual.
  • To create Awareness in the community about the root causes of disability.
  • To change the negative attitudes towards people with disabilities.
  • To generate employment opportunities for the disabled.
  • To match the capabilities of the disabled to the needs of employers.
  • To promote training and education.
  • To Support research in multi-dimensional rehabilitation.
  • To conduct various necessary rehabilitation programs both for mentally challenged and physically challenged children.
  • To Conduct various research in disabilities
  • To create awareness on HIV / AIDS and STD
  • To meet the needs of the poor people and other community welfare services.