Recycling with Baby Sarah’s Home


Dear friends of Baby Sarah’s Home,

 we at Baby Sarah’s Home are very concerned about the overall waste problem, which is affecting all the world and especially India. Our children are tired to see all this rubbish around their home and everywhere they go. We understand that it is extremely important to stop littering right now if we want to reduce the pollution in our country. But to stop littering is not enough to change our environment. This is why we launched a recycling project. The first step was to buy four different kind of dustbins (for paper, plastic, organic and mixed waste) both for our home for disabled children and for the APJ home for boys. In the beginning our attempt was not very successful, mainly because dumping waste on the ground has become an automatic action for most of us… but we wanted to be a positive role model and be part of a change for the better, so there was no possible way of giving up. We organized 3 huge dustbins. One of them was placed in the kitchen and we asked everyone to throw food leftovers and similar things e.g. banana peels or coconut husks inside there. Here at Baby Sarah’s we are now using all organic waste for composting. Which creates rich soil for growing vegetables on our nice roof terrace garden.
Another bin was placed in front of our home to collect all our plactics. There are lots of different kinds of them: Plastic bottles, milk covers, spoons, plastic glasses and ice-cream cups. They all have to be segregated, but recycling plastic also yields the most money and is probably the most important.  The last bin is used to collect paper. We divide newspaper from notebook-paper, cardboard from paper-cups. Wet paper and tissues are not recyclable, but you can throw them away in the organic dustbin. The mixed dust bin is for all the remaining, not recyclable items



 Update 1: Clean the Beach with Baby Sarah’s Home

Of course, just to stop producing waste is not enough action for having a clean neighborhood once it got polluted. For this reason we called for a “Clean the Beach Day”  in occasion of the Clean India Week. Our girls, together with volunteer Alice, went to the Veerampattinam Beach close to our home. They brought big plastic bags and spent a whole morning there to collect plastics and class bottles. The Beach got much cleaner and with the money from selling the recyclables they bought tasty ice cream for all.



Update 2: Visiting the Pondicherry landfill


After doing all this work for the sake of recycling we wanted to know exactly how bad the waste management problem in Pondicherry is. It is true, we can observe our neighborhood, but we wanted to see its full dimension.


Patricia visiting the Pondicherry landfill


To get some insights our volunteers Patricia and Ali went to visit one of Pondicherrys landfills. A relatively new one, which is already spanning an area of more than 28.000 square meters after slightly less than 3 years. The conclusion we draw is that there is some urgency in proceeding our recycling project to a higher level. To do so we need the following items:

– Good quality dustbins (8x 450 INR)

– Gloves for clean-ups events ( 50x 10 INR)

– Rubbish bags (50 INR for 15)

– Logo t-shirts for clean-ups events (open)

– Bio gas tank cooker (open)



project status: in progress contact person: Alice Bandiziol


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