Body Movement Class


Dear friends of Baby Sarah’s Home,

we at IRDC and Baby Sarah’s Home strongly believe that physical health is one of the key points of a happy and balanced life. Especially handicapped children (like ours in Baby Sarah’s Home) often get not the physical education they need. To give our children the opportunity to move and evolve their motorial skills we started a new project: the body movement class. It contains 3 different units to address all of our children with their different abilities.

 The first unit of our new body movement class is the dance therapy course. It is led by our EVS long term Volunteer Mr. Krzysztof Pielaszek from Poland, who started it in august. By participationin this course the children can not only learn basic steps of modern western dances, they rather improve their mobility skills, movement coordination and also have a little fun. Our main goal is to create a dance show in which our disabled children will star along with normal children in front of a medium sized crowd of people   The second unit of our new body movement class is the yoga therapy. This course is hold by our long term volunteer from romania Mr. Sergiu Burlacu. Our yoga course combines yoga asanas and different breathing exercises to match the needs of the children and to keep them fully engaged. We were inspired by Louise Goldberg’s excellent book “Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs”. The exer-cises aim is to promote optimal physical development through improved motor skills, awareness of the breath and body movements, imagination and language skills and stillness of the mind. Since many disabled children are also hyperactive, re-gulating their breath can have a calming effect.   The third unit is the physiotherapy. The Physiotherapy is meant for all of our children who are not able to take part in the dance therapy course or the yoga therapy. To obtain even better results from the physiotherapy we decided to hire a professional Physiothe-rapist, Miss Rajalakshmi. Our weakest children made such an amazing progess in the last month, since she is working with us. A perfect example is Mukesh, just a few weeks ago even with help he was barely able to stand. Today he is able to jump (and to land on his own feet!) with a little bit of assistance. Another good example is Saranya, when we started to work with her our goal was to make her sit on her own. Thanks to the new methods of Miss Rajalakshmi we can see her make her first steps towards walking, right now. Wrapping it up there is only one thing we can say: We are very proud of our children and very happy that we found the perfect physiotherapist for needs of our children.




project status: in progress contact persons: Dance: Krzysztof Pielaszek
Yoga: Sergiu Burlacu

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