Our partner in Germany
Verein Kinderlachen

While travelling through India, Brigitte Holzbauer and Leo Frühschütz met A.P. Joseph, the founder of Baby Sarah’s Home. At that time he was just planning to start the home. He shared his vision with Brigitte and Leo and the both promised to support him and the home. In reaction the home was named after her daughter Sarah, who was three years old at that time.

In the next few years Brigitte and Leo collected funds from relatives and friends an sent them to A.P.Joseph. In 2000 they visited the Home again and realized, that is was necessary to increase the support. Back home in her village in the south of Germany they foundeda small welfare organisation called Kinderlachen, that means Laughing Child. In short time they assembled a lot of regulary donators. With their help the Home begun to grow. Even today Kinderlachen covers a good part of our expenses.

Brigitte and Leo visited the Home a few times, together with their (now three) daugthers. For us, they are part of the family.