Our founder Mr. A.P. Joseph was the noblest man born at Villianur in Puducherry in 1959 of a poor family..
He was brought up in a church where he was involved in various activities like leprosy home, orphan boys home, etc.,
He served various social service organizations in Puducherry in various sectors and finally he worked as a Social Worker cum Manger in a Mentally Ill Adult Home where he learned a lot and he developed a inner urge/desire/dream to start his own Organisation for the welfare of Mentally challenged children and Orphan children because he realized that there were very few organizations working for Mentally Challenged and orphan children in Puducherry and this paved the way for the emergence of Baby Sarahs Home under the society of Integrated Rehabilitation & Development Centre.

Our founder started his Organisation in a small way but definitely with a broader vision and all the current development of our Organisation are the outcomes of his vision, dream and hard work.

Our founder expired in the year 2002 due to physical illness but he is spiritually with us in all our actions and we are continuing his vision and dream…

Our founder was honored with numerous awards and his service was appreciated and recognized by various associations and institutions in the past.