Our Handicraft Department

Since six years back Baby Sarah’s home has offered the mentally challenged adults to work with handicraft in the handicraft department. The aim is to make the adults feel that they are important and that they have a responsibility in their everyday life, despite the difficulty to get a job in India as a mentally challenged adult.We at Baby Sarah’s Home strongly believe that our disabled adults benefit from having a work place so that they can feel and eventually become more independent. This way of working with the disabled adults is very modern and can be seen in many European countries like Germany and Sweden.In 2013 we opened “Sarah’s arts and craft” shop, where the products some of the adults of Baby Sarah’s home make are sold. At the moment there is no profit med in the handicraft department. However, if they would start selling more products, the profit would be used for the welfare of Baby Sarah’s home, for example by starting new projects and maintaining the facilities.Currently there are two teachers working in the handicraft department, Jayasudha and Vijaykumar. They support the workers by helping them in the different steps of making the products. They also keep track of measurements and the techniques used so the quality of the products remains excellent. However, the inspiration and ideas of new products are the workers responsibility. Approximately two times a year they visit workshops where they can get new ideas and learn about new handicrafts.

The goal for the future is to have a bigger shop where they sell garments and more types of handicraft. In this shop some disabled adults from Baby Sarah’s home could work in the daytime and the profit made would be shared among them. Another goal is to introduce Sarah’s arts and craft to countries outside of India.