Around 48 normal children are placed in english medium institutions from our Organisation, we consider this as our biggest achievement.

Most of the students in their high school and higher secondary school education, definitely they all will successfully complete their education and will be a very successful and resourceful individual in the society.

Other than this, or Organisation honoured with various awards, some are:

  • 1. Best institution Award – National Trust, New Delhi
  • 2. Best Institution Award – Social Welfare Department, Government of Puducherry
  • 3. Best social Service Organisation – Tamilnadu Kalai Mandram
  • 4. Best Children Home – Pondicherry Youth Hostel, Pondicherry
  • 5. Best Social Service Organisation – Rotary club of Pondicherry
  • 6. Best Social service Organisation – Lions Club of Pondicherry
  • 7. Best Social Worker Award to Mr. A.P. Joseph – Dalit Sena Political Party.
  • 8. Best Socail Worker Award to Ms. Victoriamary – Pondicherry Mid Town Jacee
  • 9. Best Socail Service Organisation – Art Land Association, Puducherry.
  • 10. Best Social Worker Award to Mr. G. Karthikeyan – Sooriya Vijayakumari Maliriyan Public Welfare Charitable Trust